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A Supported Residential Service (SRS) is a private business that provides accommodation and care for residents, on an ongoing fee basis. There is usually no asset tested fees or accommodation bonds to be paid at an SRS. SRS’s are not Commonwealth funded and therefore not governed by the Aged Care Act of 1997. They must, however, be registered with the Victorian government and are monitored to ensure they provide certain standards of care and accommodation.


Do you need to fill those empty beds? Many SRS managers have asked us to provide appropriate residents to fill those occasionally empty beds. Contact us if you wish to have a chat ….

Business Health Check

What makes some SRS’s profitable and others struggle? We have visited SRS’s who have managed to get it right. We have visited SRS’s who need help. Our business health check covers referral sources, physical amenities, interior design, pricing and financial considerations. We can share that information with you. Contact us If you wish to have a chat ….

For Sale

Are you interested in purchasing or operating a supported residential service? Or are you considering selling your current supported residential service to move to another location? Over the years we have been approached by many people who were requiring to either purchase or sell a supported residential service, and we were able to put those people in contact with each other to continue with their discussions. Contact us to have a chat.

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Supported Residential Services

A Supported Residential Service ( SRS ) is privately operated housing providing care and accommodation for people who need support in everyday life, for example, people who are frail or have a disability. An SRS does not receive Commonwealth funding but they must be registered with the Victorian Government and are monitored on a regular basis to ensure they provide acceptable standards of personal support and accommodation. SRS's charge the resident a weekly fee in return for accommodation, assistance with activities of daily living and care needs. The weekly fee charged by an SRS can vary from a "pension level" SRS to a SRS that will charge higher fees for a higher level of accommodation and lifestyle service. This website has been designed to give you a guide to the available SRS's in Victoria. This site is provided by the experienced team at Aged Care Connect - a residential care advisory and placement service with more than 12 years experience in placing persons in all forms of residential care.